On-Call Merchandiser

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Functional Job Description – On-Call Merchandiser

Footprint Retail Services


REPORTS TO:  Team Leader, Assistant                                  FLSA STATUS:  Non-Exempt

   District Manager and/or

   District/Project Manager

PERFORMANCE AND/OR EDUCATON PREREQUISITES:  Minimum High School Diploma or equivalent. 


SKILLS/KNOWLEDGE/ABILITIES REQUIRED:  The ability to read, write and speak English at a high-school level.  The ability to follow instructions, understand and implement retail-merchandising concepts.  Customer service orientated.  Good interpersonal communication and organizational skills.  Detail orientated.  Flexibility to client and/or store requests including work schedule.  Must have reliable transportation and the ability to travel to multiple store locations.

SUMMARY:  A Merchandiser must complete all assigned merchandising functions accurately and within the time parameters set forth by the Team Leader and/or Assistant District Manager.  Work is performed at various customer store locations.


  • Executes profile and/or re-profile categories
  • Labeling
  • Sorts and distributes merchandise to various locations throughout store
  • Installs security fixtures
  • Computer literate with daily internet access and email address
  • Organizes planograms (when working as a Project Merchandiser)
  • Pre-calls and schedules stores (when working as a Project Merchandiser)


  • Manipulates product for equal spacing and aesthetic appearance
  • Ensures that work area is clean and safe


  • Ability to adjust pace and tasks as needed and possess the ability to work cooperatively with other employees and third parties
  • Ability to work in a team environment and follow directions
  • Ability to effectively manage workload
  • Ability to work independently; and follow directions from direct supervisors (applicable when working as a Project Merchandiser)
  • Ability to manage the Store Activity Reporting (SAR) and Payroll reporting processes (applicable when working as a Project Merchandiser)
  • Ability to complete appropriate paperwork and online data entry
  • Ability to manage the appropriate number of hours used to obtain goal objectives, ensures that all payroll hours and all other necessary information is entered into the automated payroll system correctly and timely
  • Ability to follow and comprehend any adjustments made to the planogram
  • Ability to make decisions about proper safety
  • Ability and willingness to be exposed to heights while on stools and/or ladders
  • Ability to assist the Team Leader and/or Assistant District Manager in various tasks such as training and completion of payroll or customer-related paperwork
  • Ability to communicate any problems, concerns or customer questions to the appropriate party
  • Ability to adhere to uniform and physical appearance policies
  • Any other reasonable request related to the job

Details of the Essential Job Functions:

1) Profiling and/or re-profiling

·         Move shelves to different positions

·         Move pegs to different positions     

2) Labeling

·         Label per the planogram

·         Pull price labels from perforated sheets and/or shelf channels and peg hooks

·         Place labels on shelf channels or on peg hooks at various heights  

3) Sorting and distribution of merchandise

·         Stock new merchandise

·         Reposition merchandise per the new labels

·         Place merchandise on shelves and/or pegs

·         Place extra merchandise and/or discontinued merchandise in labeled totes


4) Installation of security fixtures (if applicable)

·         Attach security devises on floor models

·         Attach security devises to merchandise

·         Attach security devises to shelving unit 

Physical Demands Grid

Cycle/Project Work


Physical Demands

Constant            66 - 100% of Day

Frequent             33 - 65% of Day

1 - 33% of Day

Not                    Performed







Performed intermittently with profiling, tagging, stocking/restocking.






Performed with all essential job functions (up to 2 hrs. continuously).






Required to walk length of the store aisles repetitively (52 ft).






Climb up a 3 ft stepladder.

Bending/ Stooping





Performed with profiling, tagging, stock/restocking, installing security fixtures, and segregating discontinued items.






Performed with profiling, tagging, stock/restocking (up to 30 minutes continuously).






Performed with profiling, tagging, stock/restock, installing security fixtures (1second -15 minutes).

Bilateral Reaching





6"- 80" for fixtures and peg hooks.

Bilateral Handling





Performed with all essential job functions.


1-11 pounds                    (6"-68" height) 26 pounds

(70" height)


25-40 pounds            (15-18" height)


Constant lifting performed during heavy sets.




52 ft. (length of aisle)


Performed during resets. 1-40 pounds.






Performed with tagging and installation of security fixtures (10 pounds of force).

Push/Pull (1-Hand)




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